De Novo Genes

The proof of coherence as the vigor generating Nature is apparent simply by the universe sustaining itself, with entropy ticking away as a specific discretion. The vital energy of life itself defies physics. But nothing so impressively displays coherence as a creative force as the spontaneous generation of biological traits – disabusing Darwinism and the jabberwocky through which matterist scientists deceive themselves and the public.

The freezing waters in the Artic don’t trouble the cod that live there. A protein that spontaneously evolved several times in different fish stops ice crystals from growing in cells.

British science journalist Adam Levy: “The cod is in good company. In the past 5 years, researchers have found numerous signs of newly minted ‘de novo’ genes in every lineage they have surveyed. These include model organisms such as fruit flies and mice, important crop plants, and humans.”

Geneticists are increasingly thinking that sophisticated traits are often concocted from scratch. Some studies suggest 10% of genes emerge de novo: without antecedent basis.

In biology, coherence aims at probabilistic survivability, often with creative flair, even at the molecular level. Diversity renders the show called Nature more interesting. Ultimately, entertainment is the name of the game. For more about what’s behind this, read Clarity: The Path Inside, and Spokes 3: The Elements of Evolution.


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