Electric Vehicles

The hype that electric vehicles are environmentally preferable to petrol-powered cars is untrue.

Electric vehicles typify the gullibility of consumers. Widely considered a “green” alternative to cars fueled by gasoline, EVs instead are more damaging to the environment over the life of the vehicle.

Foremost, electric cars create more carbon emissions than regular cars. While EVs aren’t spewing pollutants out their tailpipes, the manufacture of electric vehicles and their energy pull from electric power plants – mostly driven by fossil fuels, especially coal – gives EVs an equivalent or even larger carbon footprint.

EVs are powered by batteries that contain lithium, along with other rare earth elements used in various parts. The mining of these metals results in much higher environmental degradation than conventional cars.

On the back end, the pollution toll of disposing electric vehicles is considerably worse than petrol vehicles, as EVs leach more toxic compounds.

2/3rds of automobile contamination arises from tire, brake, and road dust. Tires release 100 times the pollution of tailpipes in gasoline-powered vehicles. 78% of ocean microplastics are from tires. Electric vehicles raise as much dust and emit 20% more tire pollution than regular cars, as an electric vehicle is 1/3rd heavier than its petrol counterpart. Further, because electric cars are heavier, EVs wear through tires 30% faster than conventional vehicles. Rubber plantations are a major motivation for tropical deforestation.

The plain fact is that powered vehicles running down roadways is environmental devastation incarnate. Roads themselves are a disaster to ecosystems. Powered vehicles are an additional insult to the initial injury.


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