Each of us in our own way struggle for enlightenment. The desire to understand is a step towards enlightenment, at least potentially. Alas, how little potential is realized by so many.

The wrong path of action is a lesson for the actor and the observers of the action. It is our nature to learn from failure, but little from success. Yet right action is self-rewarding, and so guides us.

In the struggle we reveal ourselves, within and without. One is constantly on display. One’s deepest psychology is readily apparent to an evolved observer.

The real gain of personal power comes with keen perception. You cannot act accordingly without knowing what is before you.

Such acuity can only be gained by introspection. One cannot see the world for what it is without seeing what one really is.

Enlightenment is not a state, but a process of understanding. As understanding deepens, so too the capacity to be further enlightened.

Life at its finest is an unfurling of understanding. As enlightenment unfolds, we become more capable of self-fulfillment, by understanding what is possible and what is not. As illusions peel away, as one’s sense of oneself and the world becomes realistic, one lives in reality.

Living in reality is enlightenment. But not an emotionally-colored reality; instead, a reality where emotions are merely inputs to be considered, not impulses to be acted upon.

Therein lies the great illusion: emotions. They propel the world of humans in an endless stream of desires.

One cannot ever be enlightened and be attached to one’s emotions. To be attached, one cannot see what one really is, as attachment colors perception, and so distorts one’s view.

We are biologically hardwired to emotions; irrovocably subject to them as input. But an enlightened person regards them merely as information and entertainment; not imperatives, nor anything to be taken seriously.