Expansive Controversy

Astrophysicists are muddling their way through a gross discrepancy related to their gross misapprehension of how and when the universe began.

The Hubble constant is the term for the rate at which the cosmos is expanding. That constant differs based on diverse measures of galactic dynamics. The distinct measures incorporate models which are founded upon false assumptions of when the universe began and the manner of its expansion. This is regularly shown by discoveries which cannot be explained by the orthodox cosmogony fiction.

The 1st major error is when the universe supposedly began, which is at least tens if not hundreds of billions of years before universally assumed. The 2nd major error is an absurd compounding upon the 1st: invoking a physics-defying cosmic inflation in the supposed early universe. There are then fanciful theories about dark energies and mystical dark matter particles which infuse certain cosmological calculations.

“I’m skeptical of our ability to understand our measurement uncertainties,” said British physicist Jo Dunkley.

Because cosmological models intrinsically incorporate axioms and theories, discerning and resolving the discrepancies in Hubble constant estimates are proving intractable because cosmologists apparently lack the good sense necessary to analyze, discuss, and discard the presumed falsehoods. It is pathetic.


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