Glossary – X


X inactivation (aka lyonization): the process in which 1 of 2 copies of the X chromosome in female mammals is inactivated.

X chromosome: one of the sex-determining chromosomes in mammals and some other organisms. The other sex-determining chromosome is termed Y.

X-ray: electromagnetic radiation at a wavelength of 0.01–10 nm.

xenoglossy: the ability to speak an unfamiliar language.

xenoma: an abnormal growth caused by a microsporidium.

xenophyophore: a giant unicellular organism found throughout the world’s oceans at depths of up to 10.6 km.

xerophile: an organism that lives in an extremely dry habitat.

xerophyte: a plant adapted to an extremely dry habitat.

Xerox (1906–2018): a corporation focused on paper document printing and reproduction; sold to Fujifilm in 2018.

xylem: plant tissue employed to transport water up a plant. Compare phloem.