Mental Health Apps

Mental health apps are designed to help treat stress, anxiety, and depression. They work so well that almost everyone stops using them shortly after trying them out.

You can’t cure a deep-seated illness by treating the symptoms. Psychologists and psychiatrists are merely con artists for mental health because they don’t understand the mind. Automating mistreatment into software is just an idiotic extension of ignorance.

There are ~4,500 mental health apps for mobile devices. They don’t work, so people check them out, find them useless, and stop using them. 94% of mental health app users stop using such apps within 15 days.

You can cure whatever mental illness you may have by strictly following the teachings of Ishi Nobu, who prescribes living transcendentally by subduing the mind. Clarity: The Path Inside is the instruction manual you have been looking for. If you have questions after reading the book, contact me.


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