Further Information

Guide to Enlightenment
A paving for the path to enlightenment.

A brief primer on consciousness.

How to Enlighten Yourself
The short course on the craft of attaining enlightenment.

Reality: An Introduction
Actuality is not reality. Nature is a mirage of the mind. Here’s why.

A concise explanation of the paradigmatic theory which envelops existence.

The Mechanics of Existence
How existence is manufactured.

The Spacetime Paradox
Objects in space exist but are not real. Conversely, time does not exist but is real.

Energy Transmission Optimality
Energy acts omnisciently.

Forms of Energy
The many forms of energy conceal a singular source.

The Mind’s Tricks
Insight into how the mind deceives.

Deep Patterns
What lies behind how we view the world.

The tipping point of humanity’s self-extinction was reached in 1940. All the pollution since has been a hastening of our demise.

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The people page is a collation of all biographical entries in the Spokes books. Like the glossary, this is a content-laden page.