Economics – 4. Inequity

The failure to comprehend capitalism as inherently inequitable is the reason people have not revolted against it.

Political Onus – 3. Ideology

Intellectually, ideology is a reflection of what role government ought to have in society. More poignantly, ideology is a doctrinal belief system based upon a person’s emotional constitution.

Our Imminent Demise – 1. Introduction

The world is undergoing an accelerating mass extinction event, thanks to technological carelessness. This show is distilled from Spokes 6: The Fruits of Civilization.

Reality & Realization – 1. Introduction

The Reality & Realization podcast show touches upon the nature of reality, states of consciousness, how the mind works, and how to advance your spiritual evolution. This show is a companion to the book Clarity: The Path Inside.

Reality & Realization – 2. States of Consciousness

Of the 7 states of human consciousness, 3 are familiar: awake, asleep, dreaming. The 4th state, transcendence, is a unique state of rest. Then there are 3 elevated states while awake, beginning with blissful enlightenment.