Reality & Realization – 1. Introduction

The following podcast monologues are a summary of my discoveries in trying to understand the world and attain enlightenment. A companion to this 1st podcast show is the book Clarity: The Path Inside. Both the book and podcasts aim to help you make the most of your life; to be as aware as you can be; to be as productive as you want to be; to be without worry, fear, or anxiety; and, most importantly, to enjoy the adventure of living.

The factual foundation for these podcasts is my book cycle, Spokes of the Wheel, which provides a system of knowledge about Nature and humanity. There is an introductory book, titled Unraveling Reality: Behind the Veil of Existence. The Spokes books prove the conclusions presented in these podcasts.


From infancy you have sought to control what you could to achieve your desires. Success has always depended upon your understanding and judicious exercise of self-control. The enjoyment of life is itself a skill. I’m going to tell you how to sharpen your skill set, perhaps in a way you’ve never imagined.


You can be aware only because of your consciousness. Your level of consciousness defines your ability to enjoy your life. In elevating your state of consciousness, you become more aware, and life becomes more enjoyable.

Practicing meditation is essential to attaining greater clarity. But meditation practice alone, while restful, won’t necessarily enlighten you. It helps to comprehend reality for what it is, which is not how the world appears. The defining characteristic of Nature is deception.

Though your mind makes itself out to be an invaluable advisor, you’ve been played. The salient issue is whether you’re going to keep playing the fool or take control of your life from your beguiling mind.


There is a chasm between the actuality you experience and reality. That chasm can be comprehended. Doing so can help you live contentedly.

Experiencing reality remains a solitary discipline. Though truth is the cry of all, few possess the will to pursue self-realization resolutely.

The Collective are comfortable in their smug ignorance, in their religious realms of thought. The monumental failing of humanity is that societies run on religions.

Any belief system is a religion, whether about God, economics, politics, or science. Considering that Earth is now undergoing a manmade mass extinction event, it’s fair to say that religions have ruined our precious planet.

You may now be wondering, what is the right religion? How can you know what to believe?

The surprising answer is that you should believe nothing. Belief is for rubes. Falling prey to beliefs is itself mental illness. But the disease runs much deeper. It’s that you have let your mind run your life.

What you need to do is subdue your mind. That’s where meditation helps.


Next, a short discourse on states of consciousness, to help you better understand the benefit.