Reality & Realization – 9. Coherence and Ĉonsciousness

The 2 elementals responsible for the entertainment platform are a unified Ĉonsciousness, which witnesses the play, and a force of coherence, which produces the play. Both of these elementals are noumenal – nonexistent, as contrasted to the phenomena which characterize Nature.

To enjoy and achieve the play, both Ĉonsciousness and coherence must distribute themselves. Ĉonsciousness and coherence localize while maintaining their universality. Ĉonsciousness localizing means that every living entity has an individual consciousness, which is ultimately entangled with the universal Ĉonsciousness, thereby allowing the cosmic play to be a shared experience, within the limits of localization.

This is how Nature appears to be objective. Instead, at the level of existence, there is shared subjectivity, or showtivity. The seeming objectivity of Nature is a primordial illusion.

Coherence also localizes while maintaining its entanglement. Coherence localization allows for provincial evolution. Whence the emergence of new species, whether chemical or biological, thus providing for the unbounded, creative diversity seen in Nature.

Coherence having distributed itself, the production of Nature transpires via quantization: the making of energetic bits which we call minds, bodies, and objects. The mind-body complex which constitutes actors is a coherence artifact. Coherence constructs and parameterizes minds which correspond with the bodies to which they belong.


The entanglement of coherence is illustrated by Fermat’s principle.

In 1658 French mathematician Pierre de Fermat proposed that light travels most efficiently, from one point to another, in the least time. Fermat’s principle is illustrated by sunlight traveling first through air before going down to the bottom of a water pond. Light travels slower through water than air. Instead of traveling in a straight line, a light beam is refracted: traveling at a different angle in water than it did in the air.

20 years later, in 1678, Fermat’s principle was broadened to encompass all wavefront behavior by Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens. French engineer and physicist Augustin Fresnel supplemented Huygens’ principle in 1818 by including diffraction and interference.

In 1827, Irish physicist and mathematician William Hamilton furthered the principle of least action, proposing that wave transmission is optimal for all energetic dynamics in a physical system. Hamilton’s principle was contemporaneously discovered by other physicists and mathematicians, and is incorporated in all mathematical descriptions of both classical and modern physics. All physics equations provide that any motion may be calculated by incorporating all the information about the dynamics of the system. Mathematical models using the principle of energy wave efficiency have repeatedly been confirmed. This principle is so universally accepted by physicists that it is seldom given any thought.

Energetic efficiency is unremarkable, except that the wave principle of least action is astonishing, in that it states that energy understands the physics of the universe it is in. Otherwise, in not incorporating all relevant information, waves would not travel optimally, as they do.

Optimal energy propagation clearly indicates a unified, coherent intelligence from the quantum level on up, and strongly suggests teleology: that the game afoot which we call Nature has intention. This behind-the-scenes conductor is coherence.


Let’s recap our unraveling of the entertainment platform called existence with regard to coherence and Ĉonsciousness.

Nature is the exhibition of existence; an existential experience via subjective perception. Nature is a tumultuous but orderly fabrication which is witnessed by Ĉonsciousness.

Coherence and Ĉonsciousness are distinguished designations for a unified noumenon which respectively produces and witnesses phenomena.

Ĉonsciousness localizes to populate sentient entities: the organic molecules, cells, and organisms which must be aware of and responsive to their environments.

Coherence localizes to produce energy fields which buffet the particles which coherence churns out via quantization. Quanta include matter and mind: the respective object and subject of perception which is observed by consciousness. Minds may be considered quantized because the mind-body is an integral manufacture.


Next, an explanation of reality; what energyism really means. You’ll better appreciate why a quiet consciousness is essential to enlightenment, and what realization offers.