Reality: An Introduction

Actuality not reality. Nature – the exhibition of existence – is a mirage of your mind.

You are fooled into believing that the world before you is real precisely because you believe what your mind tells you. You are innately set to be gullible. Skepticism is hard. There’s a reason for this.

Existence is eternal. That’s a long time for nothing to go on. Understandably, a universal field of Ĉonsciousness desired entertainment. The force behind Nature – coherence – obliged.

Ĉonsciousness and coherence are labels for processes. Everything is nothing but processes; and yet processes don’t exist.

The apparent material world is made of matter. Modern physicists theorize that matter is made of energy; that the tiniest amount of matter locks up tremendous energy. Atom bombs prove the point.

There is no energy in Nature. All we sense are objects which move at their own speeds – solid and liquid processes.

Energy is just the circular idea of what it takes to move or compose matter. Energy is the idea of matter in motion – matter as a process.

So, if matter is made of energy, and energy is just an idea, that means that existence is ultimately made up of symbolic constructs in the mind – which is exactly what is going on.

We use the term “mind” like its some kind of ethereal organ. There is no mind; there is only mentation: the process of mental activity.

Our minds are built to perceive objects, with less facility to comprehend processes. That’s another limitation that makes shucking off perspective-ignorance (pignorance) hard. We’ll get to why pignorance is so persistent shortly.

The word mind is too convenient to dispense with, especially considering that human languages, which reflect our mental makeup, are founded in nouns – further proof of inborn object orientation.

Back to the show (Nature) created by coherence to entertain the universal field of Ĉonsciousness.

What makes for a good story (process) is drama – jeopardy – where a protagonist goes through a trial and either comes out victorious (happy ending) or not (tragedy). The process leading to a happy ending is going from some pignorance to a more enlightened state. In a tragedy, the ignorance is not overcome. Ignorance is an essential ingredient in stories.

If you’re going to create an entertainment platform, you’ll need characters who believe they are in jeopardy, and who struggle to overcome pignorance. Sound familiar?

People naturally believe because they’re built gullible.

There are 2 functional facets of the mind: willmind and nattermind. Willmind is that part of the mind which we think of as the mind: it perceives and lets us solve problems. Nattermind is that nagging independent agent which propagates pignorance through various techniques, such as emotions.

The Collective (the mass of humanity in pignorance) haven’t caught on to the distinction between willmind and nattermind, or that consciousness is a witnessing capability distinct from the mind/body. That’s just a start to what the Collective haven’t figured out that keeps them suffering.

Quantum physicists theorize that existence is emergent: always coming into being as an endless process. The technique of emergence is localization of universal fields and quantization of local fields into bits of matter (quanta); whence bosons (localized force fields) and fermions (quantized fields which make a show of being material).

To populate souls, Ĉonsciousness localizes into seemingly individualized consciousnesses. To be aware of its environment and act responsively, every organism and every cell has a consciousness and a mind.

(The religious idea that brains create consciousness is the dumbest nonsense; no one with a lick of sense would think that matter creates awareness. But then, most people today believe in a God (a supreme being) or some such fantasy. Alas, the Collective lack the self-discipline to think things through or be sufficiently skeptical. Otherwise they wouldn’t be in the Collective – they’d be outside laughing (and the nice ones outside would try to help those suffering, by offering educational materials).)

Coherence also localizes. Local coherences create the illusion of soul/mind/body complexes which exist in a seemingly objective world. Because will to live is an essential ingredient in the entertainment platform of existence, evolution vectors in that direction.

The mirage of objectivity is possible because reality is really a unicity. All the seeming diversity of localization and quantization is entangled within unified fields of coherence and Ĉonsciousness.

Coherence creates a fabric of information-filled symbols which constitute existence and conveys the showtivity (shared subjectivity) of Nature. Specific symbols are available for minds to sensate and construe in their own way.

As part of the process we call evolution, coherence creates species-specific templates for mind/bodies, though each soul/mind/body is unique. Ĉonsciousness/consciousnesses witness the show. All told, it makes for a thrilling adventure… Then again, not really. Nothing really lives or dies. And nothing really happens: motion and time are all in the mind.

Infinity, eternity, existence, matter & energy are just concepts. Reality is beyond concepts.

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