The Red Pill (5) The Matrix

The Matrix

“Try and penetrate the secrets of Nature and you will find, behind all that is discernible, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable.” ~ Albert Einstein

In the movie, The Matrix is a computer-generated simulation. A world of symbols fed to minds.

In actuality, cöherence is the computer for The Matrix we call Nature. Cöherence creates a symbolic actuality and feeds it to minds. Utterly convincing.

The ignorant Collective of humanity believe the physical world is real. They live a lie. And suffer for that belief.

“It is the nature of appearance to appear to be real, even though it is unreal.” ~ ancient Indian guru Vasistha


An eternity of nothingness would be an endless realm of boredom. Why not put on a show? Some entertainment to while away the eons. Whence Nature, the exhibition of existence.

The purpose of The Matrix is to be an entertainment platform. Comprehending the nature of entertainment reveals the logic behind The Matrix.

◊ ◊ ◊

Why get up in the morning? What do you live for?

The answer is simple. Enjoyment. Another smile.

When you were young you found joy in the simplest things. Just being alive was enough in a world of wonders. Everything was new. Each discovery a little adventure.

Age piled on cares. Responsibilities. Fears. Like having to lug extra weight on the inside. Baggage in the mind.

There is a way to reclaim the joy of living. Works every time. Of course, there is a catch. Nothing good comes easy.

◊ ◊ ◊

Depth of enjoyment depends on skill. The more you know about something the more you enjoy it. Deeper connections. Richer patterns. More meaning.

As a young child you only understood physical humor. Pratfalls were funny. You could relate to falling down.

Only later, as a skill, did you learn to appreciate humor involving word play or irony. Once you learned language. And how expectations are a rotten bargain.

Contentment is the sweet spot of living. Happy to be. Whatever is happening. It’s just a show.

The key to contentment is the ultimate skill. It comes by mastering The Matrix. Which is run by your mind.

The inner noise that weighs you down can be eliminated. Your mind can run quiet. And you can enjoy the show for all that it’s worth.

The Mind

“The mind is everything.” ~ ancient Indian guru Buddha

A reminder about language. Reflecting how the mind wants you to see things, language is object oriented. Noun heavy. Slighting process.

Yet all is process. This alone should convince you that your mind aims to fool you.

Reference to the ‘mind’ – a noun – really means ‘mental activity’ – a verb. In referring to ‘the mind’, form is really function. Mind = mentation = the running software of the inner computer. The process of perception (another noun disguising a verb). Constant creation of The Matrix.

◊ ◊ ◊

Mental behavior is an intricate mix. Sensations, feelings, intuitions, desires, biases, memory, imagination, thoughts, and emotions all flow together. Entangled.

Your mind may seem to be unitary processing. But the elements of mentation come from 3 inner sources: coremind, nattermind, and willmind. Presences add their influence.


Coremind makes sense of sensation. Raw perception. In this, coremind provides the fodder for further mentation.

Coremind also solves problems. Coremind is your navigator down the river of living: trying to smooth the glide path and working past the snags of frustration.

Coremind operates subconsciously: mental activity which does not rise to overt awareness. Nothing passing through coremind is conscious. Coremind itself provokes no thought, no emotion.


Desire and intention are the province of willmind. Willmind is the mental expression of will.

Willmind gets its input from coremind. Paying attention is willmind using coremind. Concentration is willmind in full flower.

Willmind has no need of conscious thought. You can solve problems without ever thinking about them. Just desire an answer and it arrives after coremind has figured it out.

You’ve had something trouble you before. You “sleep on it,” as the old saying goes. The answer appears in the morning. That’s willmind making use of coremind.

Speech proceeds from intention. You don’t first consciously think what you are going to say and then say it. You just talk. That’s willmind at work.

◊ ◊ ◊

You only ponder when you are uncertain of something and want to “think it through.” Which, with the rare exception of a fresh insight, only confirms what you already knew. And every insight comes without conscious thought.

What provokes conscious thought is a clash between a desire and known facts which present an obstacle to attaining that desire. Such thought is largely useless. And often misdirected.

Your first intention ought to be to feel how strong the desire is. That alone practically decides.

Obstacles almost always squash modest desires. The only time a mild desire wins out is when the obstacles are weakened by further consideration. Consideration which could have been done subconsciously.

Strong desires are only overcome when the obstacles are so obvious that thinking about it was a waste of mental energy – except for confirmation. No problem-solving is involved.

Obstacles are problems. Problem-solving is best done subconsciously, where all factors may be given their due.

Whereas the subconscious is a powerful river, conscious thought is a trickle. A puny stream of one thought at a time. Nowhere near as powerful as coremind working subconsciously for willmind.


You regularly get inner interruptions which are not your own doing. Nagging thoughts. Some quite troubling.

Nattermind is the source of inner distractions. Monkey-mind. An independent agent in your mind who seems to specialize in bringing up thoughts irrelevant to what’s going on. And who whips feelings into emotions that grab you and won’t let go.

Nattermind takes the cupcakes of perception that coremind bakes and glazes them with frosting. Nattermind frosting is rich with assumption. Thick with bias, based on desire. Nattermind sprinkles on top expectation and emotion.

Nattermind presents its frosted cupcakes as if they are the real thing. Not at all. The glaze is invariably a distraction of awareness from here and now. And a heaping of imagination. Daydreams are nattermind at work.

Eating monkey-mind cupcakes and thinking they are nutritious is sick. Mental illness. Such frosted cupcakes are junk food for the soul.

People in iğnorance – the Collective – don’t know any better. They think nattermind is their friend. Helpful advice sometimes. Such nonsense. What a fool believes.

◊ ◊ ◊

Madness is monkey-mind in overdrive. Being consumed by inner demons.

You’ve seen people on the street talking to themselves. The unrelenting conversation is with their own monkey-mind. With malevolent presences chewing away. Their own nattermind and evil spirits eating them alive.


“Consciousness is not something we see. It’s something through which we see.” ~ American biologist George Mashour

Consciousness is the ability to be aware.

Consciousness is the essential life force. Surrender awareness and you cease to exist.

Consciousness is neither active nor passive. It is instead an interested witnessing.

There are 7 states of consciousness. The first 3 you are familiar with. Awake. Asleep. Dreaming.

A 4th state happens every day when you are awake. Transcendence. Inner silence.

For most, transcendence is fleeting when it does occur. A pause that refreshes.

Transcendence happens when your mind momentarily relaxes. Fatigue is one way this happens.

Only coremind is active in the transcendental state. Nattermind is quiet. Willmind takes a snooze.

You feel calm in transcendence. This peaceful feeling owes to your consciousness communing with Cönsciousness, which exudes bliss. In transcendence there is no interference by nattermind.

“Our minds are just waves on the ocean of universal Cönsciousness.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Your consciousness is part of Cönsciousness. Your level of consciousness depends on stilling the inner noise of nattermind, allowing you full awareness of what you truly are.

◊ ◊ ◊

There are 4 ascending levels of consciousness. Iğnorance. Enlightenment. Cöherence consciousness. Realization.

We are creatures of habit. The habit of transcendence results in elevating your consciousness to a higher level.

Conversely, the habit of indulging nattermind binds you ever more strongly to iğnorance. Trusting. Gullible. Ready to believe what your monkey-mind says. And less aware.


“Quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it? That’s what it is to be a slave.” ~ Roy Batty, in the movie Blade Runner(1982)

99+% of the world’s population suffer from mental illness. Subject to worry, anxiety, depression, fear, inner stress. Emotional. Uncomfortable sitting quietly alone because their monkey-mind preys upon them. This is the Collective.

Iğnorance is the lowest level of consciousness. The consciousness level of the Collective. (The breve symbol ˘ over ğ symbolizes nattermind lording over the mind of those in iğnorance.)

The common use of ignorance is not knowing information. By contrast, iğnorance is lacking awareness. Awareness robbed by nattermind.

Iğnorance is the main source of ignorance. You cannot learn about what you are not aware of. Dim begets dumb.

The Collective are ignorant of the science of being and the art of living. They unknowingly took the blue pill.

Most of the Collective are stuck in the mud that their monkey-mind churns. Muddled. Cherishing their emotions. Smug in their iğnorance. Comfortable with their biases. Feeling justified in the negative emotions they express.

The conventional concept that mental illness is a matter of degrees is ignorant. The distinction between mental illness and mental health is stark: the difference between bowing to a monkey-mind that pollutes awareness and the clarity that comes with mental health.

The Collective are ruled by their nattermind. Gullible. Believers. Keeping faith.

Confusing concepts with reality, the Collective find significance in symbols. They think that self, authenticity, and freedom mean something. With no idea of what real freedom is.

The Collective believe that ‘facts’ are objective, and lead to ‘truth’. That actuality is reality.

“Fools dwelling in iğnorance, yet imagining themselves wise and learned, go round and round in crooked ways, like the blind led by the blind.” ~ Katha Upanishad, an ancient Indian Vedic text

The state of the world owes to the iğnorance of the Collective. Violence. Injustice. Inequity. Greed. Wanton disrespect of Nature that has killed countless life and paved the path to self-extinction.


“When the mind is calm, how quickly, how smoothly, how beautifully you will perceive everything.” ~ Indian yogi Paramahansa Yogananda

Enlightenment is mental health. Abiding inner calm. Tranquility. Quietude.

States of consciousness may occur simultaneously. For instance, daydreaming is dreaming while awake, with the dreams provided by nattermind.

Enlightenment is sustained transcendence. Abiding quietude.

The term enlightenment suggests the mental state. A lightness of being. Living in the moment. Focused. Aware. Caring while carefree. Accepting what is. And dealing with what needs to be dealt with. Productive.

Cöherence Consciousness

“No sorrow nor delusion can overwhelm one who sees the oneness of existence.” ~ Isa Upanishad, an ancient Indian Vedic text

A notable elevation above enlightenment is cöherence consciousness. Awareness of entanglement is tangible. The unity of Nature begins to be part of everyday experience.

You may have heard someone speak of a “peak experience”: a blissful sense of oneness. This is a glimpse of cöherence consciousness.


“When the mind is quiet, you come to know yourself as the pure witness. You withdraw from the experience and its experiencer and stand apart in pure awareness.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Realization is unity consciousness. You witness living. You are aware of the mind-body as a shell. You experience the unicity of Nature. You sense your own consciousness as integral with Cönsciousness.

Nattermind is responsible for abridged awareness in iğnorance. The distraction of inner noise.

In realization, awareness is as pure as it can be within the limitations of the mind-body shell. Monkey-mind is part of the mind. It will not vanish. But, in realization, the inner monkey is tamed. Its occasional intrusions are a reminder – what was once overbearing is now powerless. Just an inside joke.


“Belief in this world is built up of unreality.” ~ ancient Indian guru Adi Shankaracharya

The Matrix is a symbolic realm, devised and run by unified cöherence. Which localizes to create minds. And quantizes to render the appearance of matter which constitutes actuality. The wily force behind The Matrix creates the illusion of a physical world.

The mirage of an objective world can be made by cöherence because the symbol set from which Nature emerges is consistent, and all localized consciousnesses emanate from a unitary Cönsciousness.

The Matrix is a shared subjectivity. A showtivity. An entanglement of reference frames.

Your world is yours alone. Yet that world seems shared with others.

Each life is its own adventure. Alone, yet with others. Entangled diversity. A showtivity put on by cöherence to be witnessed by consciousnesses.

A key deception that furthers belief in The Matrix as genuine is instilling a sense of jeopardy. Fear of loss. For risk defines reward.


“There is no discovery without risk. What you risk reveals what you value.” ~ English writer Jeanette Winterson

Nobody plays poker without betting something. Risk is essential to making the experience engaging.

If there were no consequences to actions, life would be a video game that you would quickly tire of. Instead, you feel invested with a gambler’s stake. The prospect of winning is thrilling, whatever ‘winning’ means. And losing… well, you know what that feels like.

The prospect of winning may be exciting. But your mind is more concerned about losing. Your mind has a built-in bias against loss. Whereas winning is lightweight, jeopardy weighs heavily.

People typically value their own personal possessions over new items, even those of better quality. The emotional aura of ownership reflects the mind’s aversion to loss.

Desire propels you forward. Risk holds you back. Attraction and avoidance. Hope and fear. The poles of emotion. And what drives behavior.

Fear is the strongest emotion. Fear is of the future, forged by the past. Fear is an imagination formed from memory.

You feel jeopardy when you want something that you imagine has a risk of being lost. Jeopardy stems from attachment and is fostered by fear.

◊ ◊ ◊

The ultimate loss is life. People live in fear of death. Religion is foremost a mortality ritual.

It is not that death gives life its meaning. It is instead that a sense of jeopardy underscores the preciousness of joy.

The urge to survive is most keenly felt when life seems most at risk. When mortality becomes concrete.

Contrarily, chronic suffering can wear you down to the point that you want to give up. You’ve had enough.

The value of life is a balance of perspective and prospect.


Showtivity is how The Matrix works as a carnival. A celebration of life. And works to make enjoying life to the fullest a serious challenge.

As a play of iğnorance in the Collective, showtivity is a sweet-and-sour shared illusion.

“Reality is socially constructed.” ~ Austrian American sociologists Peter Berger & Thomas Luckmann

The blue pill world is self-sustaining. Iğnorance is an unbreakable cultural tradition in the Collective. Passed down from generation to generation.


Cöherence designs life as a struggle. The struggle is not against Nature. The struggle is against your own inner nature. To submit to iğnorance. To be a slave to your own mind.

To break the chains of iğnorance is the most radical action you can ever take. To grasp reality by the root. To take the ultimate challenge. The greatest exercise of will. With the sweetest victory: freedom.

Enlightenment is a revolution of the mind. A mastering of The Matrix.