The Red Pill (7) Conclusion


“The obscure takes time to see. The obvious takes longer.” ~ American broadcast journalist Edward Murrow

Your mind promotes a grand deception: that the physical world is real. In casually taking the blue pill, those in the Collective buy the lie.

Letting monkey-mind run your life extracts a heavy toll – a price the Collective pay without knowing that there is an alternative. Iğnorance is ignorance.

The implications of the Collective blue-pill world are vast: from falsities that pass for knowledge to the failure of societies to be equitable or create a sustainable world.

Aided by technology, yet failed by science, longstanding disrespect of Nature is driving humanity to self-extinction. This is the final consequence of Collective iğnorance.


The truth is obvious once you see it. The order of Nature. Its cöherence. Consciousness and intelligence in all life.

Energyism is hiding in plain sight. Existence constantly emerges from a unity which can only be understood as an energetic vitality, not mere measly bits of matter.

Energyism reveals what The Matrix really is: an intricate symbolic realm. An entertainment platform. A strategy game for your soul.

◊ ◊ ◊

All that exists is before you every moment. To not be present is to be absent.

Getting lost in thought drowns your awareness. Dimming your awareness poisons your soul. Letting your monkey-mind prey on you with negativity and unsettling emotions sickens you. This sad state of affairs is mental illness. Iğnorance.

Mental health is spiritual evolution to self-realization. Attained by insisting on inner silence and staying aware of what exists: the here and now.

◊ ◊ ◊

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” ~ American singer/songwriter Gerard Way

Your life was designed to be the adventure of a lifetime.

Will you let your life slip away in a muddle? Or will your rise to the challenge of full awareness?

Take the blue pill. Live in iğnorance, in the prison made by your mind.

Or take the red pill. Master The Matrix. Set yourself free.