Spineless Fishing

European Union fishing quotas illustrate the exploitative urge that assures self-extinction.

In 2013, the EU pledged to end overfishing by 2020. Instead, the quotas for 2020 continue to overexploit declining fish stocks. “EU ministers decided to breach the law, allowing overfishing even beyond 2020,” said marine conservationist Andrea Ripol. “They’re just not getting it,” exclaimed marine conservationist Rebecca Hubbard. “Demonstrating a shocking ignorance of the global biodiversity and climate crisis, the EU council of fisheries ministers refused to follow scientific advice.”

Compared to most polities, including the United States, Canada, China, and India, the EU has often sounded somewhat sensible about the need to address the environmental crises that greedy, selfish men propagated. The EU’s fishing quotas show that to be lip service.


Fiona Harvey, “EU ministers opt to continue overfishing, despite 2020 deadline,” The Guardian (18 December 2019).