Spokes 1: Table of Contents

Spokes 1: The Science of Existence   Table of Contents   680 pages   {Notes}

The Universe
        The Big Bang
                Conceptual Expansion
        Cosmic Inflation
        Origination Date
        Cyclic Cosmology
    The Standard Model
        Dark Matter
        Dark Energy
        Light Matter’s Modest Missing Half
        Too Bright
    Scale-Invariant Cosmology
    Cosmic Matter
            Galaxy Classification
                Black-Body Radiation
            Black Holes
            Light Speed
            The Horizon Problem
            Galaxy Dynamics
            The Milky Way
            Galactic Webs
                Large Quasar Groups
            Cosmological Principle
        Massive Stars
        Neutron &Quark Stars
            Starless Planets
    The Solar System
                    Emanuel Swedenborg
        The Sun
        The Planets
        The Moon
            Life Under the Moon
        Final Formation
            Tilt & Spin
            Water Supply
            Earth’s Magnetic Field
                Van Allen Belts
                Polarity Reversal
            Day Length
    The End

                        Isaac Newton
        Laws of Thermodynamics
            1st Law: Conservation of Energy
                Conservation Contravened
                Vacuum Genesis
            2nd Law: Theremalization & Entropy
                Thermalization Thwarted
            3rd Law: Maximum Entropy
            0th Law: Temperature
                So Bitter Cold That It’s Hot
        From Classical to Modern Physics
        The Inscrutability of Infinity
        The Imaginary Complexity of Reality
        Albert Einstein
            E = mc2
        Light Speed
        The Horizon Problem
        Special Relativity
        General Relativity
                    William Kingdon Clifford
            Zeno Effect
    Matryoshka Reality
                    Matryoshka Dolls
                Brownian Motion
        Quantum Mechanics
                Pilot Wave Theory
            The Standard Model
                Fermions & Bosons
                    Particle Demolition Derby
                    Higgs Boson
                Particle Properties
                        The Hierarchy Problem
                    Color Charge
                Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
                Ghost Fields
                Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry
                CP Violation
            Nuclear Forces
                Lorentz Symmetry
                Quantum Gravity
            Quantum Superposition
                Bose-Einstein Condensate
            The Ground State
                The Dance of Spacetime
                Ettore Majorana
                Majorana Fermion
        String Theory
                Stringy Liquids
            Planck Units
                Entanglement Out of Time
        The Information Paradigm
            Information Theory
            The Holographic Principle
                Gravity & Thermodynamics
        Holistic Dimensionality
        Theory of Everything
            Wormhole Entanglement
        Matryoshka Transition
            Superconductivity Seam
        Constructal Law
        Self-Organized Criticality

                    Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
        Nuclear Clusters
            Magic Nuclei
                Eternal Element
                The Atomic Void
                Bad Metals
                    Fractal Superconductivity
            Electromagnetic Radiation
                Electromagnetic Spectrum
                William Rontgen
                Gamma Rays
            Particulate Radiation
                    Earth’s Age Via Isotope
            Radiation Exposure
            Cosmic Radiation
            Earthbound Radiation
                    Watch That Dial
            Covalent Bonds
                Bond Orders
            Ionic Bonds
            Hydrogen Bonds
            Bonds Beyond
            HD Harmonically Bound
        Molecular Geometry
            Lone Pairs
            Triple Point
            Energy Transitions
        Catalysts & Enzymes
                    Humble Agents
                Surface Tension
                Atomic Forms
                Molecular Forms
            Organic Role
            Fear of Water
            Water Memory
    Organic Chemistry
            Functional Groups
            Atmospheric Carbon
            Carbon Cycle
                In the Ocean
                Seagrass Meadows
                On Land
            Fixing Nitrogen
            Nitrogen Cycle
                    Fritz Haber
            Molecular Forms
            Oxygen Toxicity
            Discovery of Oxygen
                    Apollo 1
            Atmospheric Oxygen
                    Cell Size
            Protein Folding
            Protein Regulation
            Generalists & Specialists
        Amino Acids

Life Begins
    Origin on Earth
                    Cool Life
                    Pond Spawn
            RNA World
                Viral Analogy
            Pyrite Life
            Water World
                Life From Mars
            Data At The Dawn Of Life
            Life Cohering
        Life Rising
            Microbes Everywhere
            Common Ancestor
    Life Elsewhere

            Endoplasmic Reticulum
            Golgi Complex
            Plasma Membrane
        Cell Wall
    The Evolution of Eukaryotes
                    Colonial Choanoflagellates
            Eukaryotic Uplift
    Eukaryotic Cell Types
    Organized Activity
            Extracellular Matrices
            Push & Shove
        Nuclear Pore Complexes
    Cell Division
    Transport In & Out
            Electron Transport Chains
        Metabolic Pathways
    Cell Intelligence

    Nucleic Acids
        Deciphering DNA
        Chemical Composition
            DNA – RNA Differences
                Unlettered Nucleobases
                    Recognizing Foreign DNA
            DNA Knots
        Genetic Coding
        Codons & Cistrons
        Genetic Variations
                    Gregor Mendel
        Expression & Regulation
                    Sea Lampreys
        Quality Control
        Prokaryotic Adaptive Immunity
    Genophores & Chromosomes
            Genetic Exchange
            Life Cycle
            Comparative Chromosomes
            Genic Content
                Replication Accuracy
    Sex Chromosomes
    Alternation of Generations
        Fungi, Slime Molds, Algae
        Genetic Complexity
        Genetic Evolution
        Junk Debunked
                    Breeding Urges
                    Honeybee Memories
                    Seeds & Embryos
                    Methylation Variation
            Histone Alteration
                    Rite of Spring
            RNA Regulation
                X Inactivation
                    Marsupial X Inactivation
            Protein Post-Production
                    Wood Work
        Lifestyle Epigenetics
        Comparative Epigenetics
        Plant Epigenetics
    Genomic Protection
                Piwi-interacting RNA
                Endogenous Retroviruses
    The Genetics of Behavior
                    Mice Digs
    Gene Editing