Spokes 2: Table of Contents

Spokes 2: The Web of Life   Table of Contents   1070 pages in 2 volumes   {Notes}

The Web of Life
    Defining Life
        Life Defined
                    Fake Feces
                    Telltale Smell
                    Cleaner Fish
        Cellular Communication
            Intracellular Communication
            Intercellular Communication
                     Sweet Talk
                     Stem Cell Conference
                Communal Encylopedia
                     Primary Cilia
                Communication Lines
                    Killer Diagrams
                    Cancer Cells
                    Fireflies Alight
                    Azteca Ants & Phorid Flies
                    Nematodes & Fungi
                    Moth Advertising
                    Benthic Scents
                    Mangrove Snapper
                    Spotted Hyena
        Coinciding Interests
                    Sage Rats
                Status Sniff
        Audience Effect
                    Roaring Deer
                    Antlers & Horns
                    Bull Elephant Seals
                    Toad Croaks
                    Cricket Song
                    Lizard Flashes and Dances
                    Hyrax Songs
                    Parachute Plant
                    Backstabbing Butterfly
            Bird Orders
                     Wintergreen Oil
                    Looking Dangerous
                    Mocking Weevils
                    The Scent of Food
             Ecology Gyre
                 Community Ecology
                     Plant Stress
                 Island Biomes
                    Polar Vortex
            Atmospheric Circulation
            Climate & Weather
                     Lake Chad
                 Sahara Desert
                     Microbes in the Rain
                     Microbes in the Ocean
            Ocean Circulation & Climate
                Ocean Conveyer Belt
            Water Cycle
            Continental Shelves
                Continental Drift
                Sea Level
                Submerged Continents
                Evolutionary Effects
                    Continental Stock Exchange
                Continental Rift
        Climate Cycles
            Into Icehouse
            Heading to Hothouse
                Antarctic Gyre
                El Nino & La Nina
            Food Web
                    Pacific Salmon
            Oceanic Life
                    Coral Gardeners
                    Cleaner Fish
                    Vampire Squid
                    Marine Microbe Synchrony
                    Witches’ Broom
                    Endosymbiotic Exploitation
                    Power Grid
                    Hydrothermal Vents
                    Bean Bugs & Burkholderia
                    The Nematode & Its Killer Bacteria
                    Agricultural Ants
                    Tree Police
                    Amazonian Ant-Plant
                    Reef Police
                    Clownfish & Anemone
                    Seagrass & Clams
                    Seagrass Comeback
                    Sloths & Moths et cetera
                    Take a Load Off
                    Birds & Alligators
                    Communication Chemistry
                    Tank Plants
                    Sardine Tongue Trap
                    Incidental Commensalism
                    Parasitic Plants
                    Cape Sumach
                    Parasite Zombies
                    Tangle Web Spider
                    Ant Berry
                    Hired Protection
                    Toxoplasma gondii
            Energy Flow
                Trophic Loops
                Death for Life
                Population Parameters
                    Yelllowstone Wolves
                    Canary Islands Trees
            Invasive Species
                    King Crabs Under Antarctica
            Life Entangled
Life’s Diversity
            Classification Confounded
            Linnaeus’ Curse
                    Classifying Crows
        Nomenclature Overload
            Marine Microbes
            In the Soil
            Quorum Sensing
                    Gut Flora
                    Flatworms See The Light
                    Hot Clams
                    Magnetotactic Microbes
                    Work Uniform
            Genetic Uptake
                    Myxococcus xanthus
                Eating With The Enemy
                 Energetic Drinker
                Satellite Viruses
                    Mama & Sputnik
                    Cafeteria roenbergensis
                    Intrigue at Organic Lake
                Viral Assistance
                Communal Decisions
            Ocean Viruses
                In the Muck
            Archaea Viruses
            Plant Viruses
            Viral Zombies
                    The Wasp & Its Virus
                Photosynthetic Techniques
        Slime Molds
            Social Amoeba
                Amoeba Farmers
    Multicellular Life
            Predatory Fungi
                Parental Sacrifice
            Mycophagous Mammals
                    Potato Blight
                Fungal Voices
                    Death Grip
                    Fungus of the Gods
        Secondary Tissues
                Sunflower Florets
                Chlorophyll’s Color
            Xylem & Phloem
        Size Limits
        Primary Metabolites
            Amino Acids
        Secondary Metabolites
        Cell Growth
        Flowering Plants
            Seed Production
                Maternal Care
        Water Management
        Asexual Reproduction
                    Looted Fruit
                    Killer Quorum Mimic
                    Pesky Pollinator
                    Barberry Battles Barbarism
            Math in the Dark
                    The Headaches of Willows
            Lines of Communication
                Others on the Party Line
            Chemical Calling Cards
        Cheater Compliance
                    Legumes & Rhizobia
                    Yuccas & Moths
                    Facing the Dawn
                    Compass Plant
                    The Scent of Ripening
            Sense of Self
                    Wood Sorrel
                    Rootless Duckweed
                    Kwongan Root Strategies
            Seasonal Sense
            Border Building
                    Goldenrods & Gallflies
                    Inciting Cannibalism
                    Beetle Juice
                Calling For Help
                The Timing of Fruit
                Immune Systems
                    Damn Spots
                        RNA Silencing
                    Hopping Horsetail Legs
                    Moss Spore Shoot
                    Creeping Dogwood
                    Venus Flytraps
                Shooting Seeds
                    Thale Cress Pickiness
                        Indian Pipe
                    The Comity of Sunflowers
                    Jewelweed Relations
                    Searocket Siblings
            All Together Now
    Plants & Animals
                    Elephant Yam
                    Survival by Theft
                    Just Don’t Munch the Seeds
                    Stone Plants
                    Pygmy Pipes
             Borrowed Protection
                    Monarchs & Milkweed
             Plants As Power Plants
        Medicinal Plants
                Early Eurpoe
                Medieval Times
                    Doctrine of Signatures
                The Renaissance
                The 19th Century
                The Rise of Synthetics
                Morpho Dragonflies
        Planning & Memory
        Marine Mammals
                 Tool Use
                 Personality & Emotions
                     In the Mirror
    Aspects of Existence
                     Ant Foraging
                     Tit Milk
                Colonial Intelligence
        Health Care
                    Fermented Fruit Flies
                Human Incomprehension
                Monarch Butterfly Migration
                Dragonfly Migration
                Dung Roll
            Magnetic Field Detection
                Cryptochrome on the Wing
                    Primal Urges
                    Oversexed Marsupial Mice
                    Sex Ratios
                        Blue-Footed Boobies
                    House Mice
                Cooperative Breeding
                    Turkey Sturt
                Egg Laying
                    Smart Eggs
                    Water Bugs
                    Bird Eggs
                Live Birth
            After Birth
                Parental Care
                    Strawberry Poison Frogs
                    Demurring Murres
                    Common Creche
                Brood Parasites
                    Burying Beetles
                Parental Investment
                    Sea Otter Moms
                    Grandmother Hypothesis
                    Pill Bugs
            Emotional Chemistry
            Comfort Behaviors
                    An Imprisoned Turtle
                    Slave Rebellion
                    Suicide Carpenter
                    Comb-Foot Spiders
                    Vinegar Flies
                    Hermit Crabs
            Cost & Benefits
                    African Wild Dogs
            Social Dominance
                    Gall Aphids
            Empathy & Altruism
                Coerced Altruism
                    Vampire Bats
                Interspecies Bonding
                    Altruistic Algae
                    Worm Charming
                    Great Tits
            Theory of Mind
                Dogs vis-a-vis Wolves
            Defining Intelligence
                Expectation & Purpose
                    Fruit Fly Song
                    Fighting Damselflies
                    Mantis Shrimp
                    Coral Trout
                    Irukandji Jellyfish
            Collective Intelligence
                Insect Colonies
                    Rock Ant Real Estate
                    Fish Shoals
                    Spider Silk
                    Spider Webs
                    Darwin’s Bark Spider
                    Common House Spider
                    Bolas Spider
                Skink Mansions
                Bird Nests
                    Village Weavers
            Tool Use
                    Funnel Ants
                    Assassin Bugs
                    Fishing Lure
                        Tanimbar Corella
                        Wolverine Refrigerators
            Math Skills
                    Road Signs
                Optimal Foraging
                    Starfish Geometry