Spokes 3: Table of Contents

Spokes 3: The Elements of Evolution Table of Contents722 printed pages {Notes}

The Elements of Evolution (title page)

Life’s History
Geological Time
Mass Extinctions
  Extinction Events
   End-Ordovician Extinction
   Mass Extinction Diversity Loss
   End-Devonian Extinction
   Extinction Events continued
   Mass Extinction Non-Selective
  Extinction Theories
  Eukaryotes Evolve
   Spurring Multicellularity
    Reproduction Isolation
   Eukaryote Evolution continued
  The Cryogenian Cooler
  Edicaran Life
  Edicaran Life continued
  The Cambrian Explosion
     Burgess Shale
    Fish Appear
   The Cambrian Explosion continued
  Fish Tales
   Bottom Up
  Verdure Venture
   Verdure Venture
  Land Animals Appear
   Insects Emerge
     Early Herbivores
   Vertebrates Arrive on Land
  Continental Moves
  Plant Evolution
    Fire Ecology
  Amphibians & Reptiles
   Lizards & Snakes
    Lizard Adaptability
  The Great Dying
  The Triassic
  Flowering Plants
    Pollinating Bees
   Flowering Plants continued
  Methane Maelstrom
   Continental Shifts
   Body Heat
     Tegu Lizards
     Cold Tolerance
   The First Dinosaurs
   Dinosaur Classification
   Dinosaurs continued
     T. Rex
   Dinosaur Sociality
   Dinosaur Convergent Evolution
   Dinosaur Dominion
   Dinosaur Diversity
   Dinosaurs & Lizards
     Dinosaur Fleas
     Water Fleas
    Ostrich Dinosaurs
   In the Skies
   At Sea
     Stony Coral
     Seaside Sifter
   Plant Evolution
  Yucatan Big Bang
   Growth Evolution
   Early Bird Diversification
     Yi qi
   Avian Pre-Adaptations
   Extinction & Evolution
   Wings & Flight
   Muscle & Tendons
     Woodpecker Beaks
   Manipulation continued
   Flightless Birds
   Early Mammals
   Mammals Rising
  True Beasts
   Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
   Primates Ascendant
   Eocene Cooling
    Antarctica Isolated
   Mediterranean Sea
Geology & Plants
   Milankovitch Cycles
   Tectonic Pulses
   Geological Time
   Mass Extinctions

   Analogues and Homologues
Conceptual History
  Spontaneous Generation
    Jan Swammerdam
   Preformatism continued
  Natural Selection
    Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
    Giovanni Brocchi
    Charles Darwin
    Gregor Mendel
   Evolution Theories
     Seabird Colonies
    Genomic Symphony
     Selfish Genes
   Random Mutation
     Nematode Timing
    Progress continued
   Punctuated Evolution
    Evolution Direction
The Science of Evolution
  Dispersal & Adaptation
    Global Microbes
   Deep Homology
   Weak Linkage
    The Easy Route
   A New Trait
     Sex Ratios
     Common Cordgrass
   Floral Saltation
     Sphinx Moths
     Attitude Counts
   Human Mating Strategies
   Parasitic Ants
   Parasitic Manipulation
     Caterpillar Bodyguards
   Baldwin Effect
     House Finches
  Inheritance & Evolution
   Genetic Inheritance
    Gene Flow
   Gene Conversion
   Self-Splicing Elements
   Epigenetic Inheritance
     Vinegar Flies
     Evolution Eternal
   Natural Genetic Engineering 1
     Ciliate Protozoa
      DNA Mavens
   Natural Genetic Engineering 2
    Viral Infection
   Adaptation in Disguise
   Haploid Adaptation
     Sea Snakes
   Adaptation continued
     Tropical Rainforest Spiders
   (Not) Freezing
    Islands continued
     Gall Plumbing
   Evolutionary Arms Races
     Backdoor Beetles
   Feathers & Fur
   Cryptic Coloration
   Poison Avoidance
     Pig Litters
     Lusty Birds
     Planthopper Leap Gear
     Harvester Ants
   Rapid Adaptation
     Polar Bears
     Coy Wolves
     Florida Lizards
     Big-headed Ants
     Polluted Fish
     Polluted People
     Peppered Moths
     Potato Whiteflies
     Hawaiian Crickets
    Germ Plasm
     Marine Cyanophages
     Parasitic Plants
    Red Queen Hypothesis
     Deep-Sea Battery
     Pathogen Protection
    Plants & Animals
     Acacia & Ants
      Beltian Body Snatcher
    Adaptive Predatory Cycle
     Bad Taste
    Marked Against Predation
     False Eyespots
    Lepidopteran Defense
  Convergent Evolution
     Digestive Flexibility
     Blood Suckers
     Swimming Ants
     Rove Beetles
     High-Altitude Hummingbirds
     Insect Eusociality
     Blue Tarantulas
     Endogenous Retroviruses
    Adipose Fins
     Infant Distress
   Toxic Adaptation
     Sea Urchins
    Eye Evolution
     Paper Wasps
     Suction Vision
   Nervous Systems
   Intelligence & Brains
  Reversion Evolution
    Sightless Animals
   Sex continued
     Gray Tree Frogs
     Conspecific Male Plant Competition
     Marbled Crayfish
   Hypotheses on Sex
   Sexual Selection Intensity
   Development continued
    Sympatric Speciation
     Lake Constance Sticklebacks
     Orca Culture
    Parapatric Speciation
   Speciation via Timing
     Unhired Protection
     Competition in Guadalupe Canyon
     Flies in Evolutionary Flight
   Evolutionary Hotspots
     Gal├ípagos Islands
     Manta Rays
     Deep-Sea Fish
   Optimality continued 1
   Moving Through Fluids
   Optimality continued 2
   Evolution By Perception
     Peacock Spiders
     Shore Crabs
     Cagey Vines
    Batesian Mimicry
    Mullerian Mimicry
     Tiger Moths
     Mimic Octopus
     Large Blue Butterfly
     Courting Cockroach Counterfeit
   Fitness Through Ignorance
   Altruism Innate
  Life-History Variables
     Bat Echolocation
     Bat Shelter and Sociality
     Mammal Predation
     Mammal Defecation
   Evolutionary Tradeoffs
     Diving Birds
     Banana Slug Sex
     Ram Horns and Longevity
     Lechwe Reproductive Strategy
    Mating and Parent Care
    Precocial versus Altricial
    Climate & Body Size
     Hot Horse
     Wandering Albatross Winds
   Hominin Life-History Variables
     Eyesight to the Blind
   Precocial & Altricial Animals
    Manipularity-Intelligence Hypothesis
    Plant Life-History Variables continued
   Rate of Living
     George the Lobster
    Full Lives
   Aging & Mortality
     Negligible Senescence

Human Descent
   Brain Size
    The Last Glacial Maximum
    Dyras Stadials
    The Holocene Extinction
    Savannah Hypothesis
    Hominid Tolerance Adaptation
   Au. anamensis
   Au. afarensis
    Lucy’s Northern Cousin
    Lucy’s Southern Cousin
    Lucy’s Next-Door Neighbor
   Au. bahrelghazali
   Au. africanus
   Au. garhi
   Au. sediba
   The Paleolithic
   H. Habilis
    Not Homo?
   Splitting & Lumping
    H. antiquus
    Splitting & Lumping continued
    H. rudolfensis
    H. helmei
   H. gautengenis
   H. erectus
   H. ergaster
   H. georgicus
    Lumping, Take 2
    Meat & Vegetables
    On the Hunt
   H. antecessor
   H. heidelbergensis
    H. rhodesiensis
    Neanderthal Brain Development
    Neanderthal Technology
    Neanderthal Diet
    Neanderthal Interbreeding
   H. naledi
   H. floresiensis
    Hominid Speciation
   Homo sapiens
     Toba Super-Eruption
    Red Deer Cave People
    Cro-Magnon versus Neanderthals
    Continuing Evolution
    Human Speciation
Propelling Human Evolution
  Brains & Brawn
  Social Cunning
  Social Structure
   Cultural Diversity
   Domestication & Violence

Early Human History
  3-Age System
   Abstract Art
   Cave Paintings
     Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc Cave
   Musical Instruments
   Dispersal and Retention
Stone Age
   Oldowan Industry
   Archeulean Industry
   Mousterian Industry
   Stone Age continued
     Dolni Vestonice
   Settlements continued
     Abu Hureyra
  Soil & Human Fertility
  Animal Domestication
    The Descent of Dogs
   Agriculture continued
  Cultural Crops
Early Civilizations
   Early Civilizations continued
Bronze Age
   Minoan Civilization
  Ancient Egypt
  Bronze Age Collapse
   Mycenaean Civilization
Iron Age
  Ancient Greece
  Ancient Rome