Spokes 5: Table of Contents

Spokes 5: The Echoes of the Mind   Table of Contents   906 pages in 2 volumes   {Notes}

            The Moon Illusion
            Illusions of the Blind
    The Human Condition

History of Psychology
            René Descartes
            Thomas Hobbes
            Baruch Spinoza
            John Locke
            Gottfried von Leibniz
            George Berkeley
            David Hartley
            Julien de La Mettrie
            David Hume
            Immanuel Kant
            Franz Joseph Gall
            Pierre Flourens
            Johann Friedrich Hebart
                Educational Psychology
            Francis Galton
            Paul Broca
            Jean-Martin Charcot
            Wilhelm James
            Ivan Sechenov
            Ivan Pavlov
            John B. Watson
            B.F. Skinner
            Jean Piaget
    Cognitive Psychology
        Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    Gestalt Psychology
        Antecedent Influences
            Ernst Mach
            Christian von Ehrenfels
        Gestalt’s Founders
        Illusion of Movement
        Psychophysical Isomorphism
        Figure-Ground Relationship
        Gestalt Principles of Perceptual Organization
        Law of Prägnanz
        Subjective Versus Objective Reality
        Cognitive Trial & Error
        Kurt Lewin
            Internal Conflict
            Group Dynamics
        Gestalt Therapy
    Sigmund Freud
        Psychosexual Development Theory
            The Feminine Enigma
        Id, Ego, Superego
        View of Human Nature
        View of Religion
        Carl Jung
            Archetypal Psychology
        Karen Horney
    Humanistic Psychology
        Abraham Maslow
            Hierarchy of Needs
    Evolutionary Psychology
            Donald O. Hebb
            Roger W. Sperry
    Treatment of Mental Illness
            Jeus ben Ananias
            Dorothea Dix
        United States

    Positive Emotions
    Negative Emotions
        Guilt & Shame
        Jealousy & Envy
    Emotional Complexes

The Mind
    Of Two Minds
            Selective Attention
        The Subconscious
                    Freud’s Consciousness Trinity
            Brain Processing Pathways
            Implicit Motives
    The Power of the Mind
                    Barn Swallows

    Mental Manifolds
            Illusion of Control
                    Mental Maps
            Body of Thought
            Objects versus Processes
            Imaginary Numbers
            Complex Numbers
            Data Quality
                    Cosmic Inflation
                    NASA’s Challenger
                    NASA’s Climate Orbiter
                Statistics in Science
                    Eating Meat Causes Cancer
                    Probability Value
                Causal Reasoning
                    Mill’s Methods
                    Fallacies of Relevance
                    Fallacies of Ambiguity
        Cognitive Dissonance
            Mechanized Mind
                    What’s Funny?
            Working Memory
        Processing Paradox Bias
            Eyewitness Misinformation
            Memory Conformity
            False Memories
            Memory Myths
            Perfect Memory
        Involuntary Memory
            Proustian Memory
            Mind Pops
        Memory Inflation
            Illusion of Knowledge
                The Uncanny
        The Biology of Beauty
            The Human Being
                    Back Story
            Beauty in Science
            Color Psychology
                    Whale Songs
            Sunk Cost
                    Crime & Punishment
        Hindsight Bias
        Future Bias
                    The Hot Hand
        Emotional Bias
        Self-Esteem Bias
        Social Bias
                    Product Estimation
        Subconscious Input
        Correlation & Causality
                    Global Warming
            Accentuate the Positive
                    Proof-Positive Cards
        Economic Decisions

            Buddhist Beliefs
            The New Testament
            Jesus of Nazareth
            Christian Beliefs
            Christianity’s Import
        Religion & Morality

                Victor of Aveyron
        Mass Media
            Johari Window
            Time Through Life
        Cultural Time

History of Sociology
            Auguste Comte
            Harriet Martineau
            Karl Marx
            Herbert Spencer
            Émile Durkheim
            Max Weber

    Reality via Sociality
                    Voting Tough
            Woman Power
    Aggression & Violence
            Cultural Context
        The Uses of Communication
        Nonverbal Communication
            Gender Differences
            The Body
                    Attractiveness Stereotypes
                The Face
                    Facial Expressions
                    The Eyes
                        Differing Eyes
                        Conversational Eyes
                        Eyeing Questions
                        The Pupils
            Interactional Synchrony
        Effective Communication
            Taking Turns
        Gender & Status
            Sex Objects
        Sexual Violence
                    The Friendly Skies
                    US Military
                    Catholic Priest Sex Abuse
                    Sex Trafficking
            Female Genital Mutilation
            Honor Killings
            Romantic Love
        Affect Towards Groups
                    Fat & Heart Disease
                    Adolf Eichman
        Group Decisions
                    US Military Groupthink
                    Columbia Space Shuttle
                    March of Dimes
                    Hawthorne Effect
            Trained Incapacity
            Decision Making
        Cultural Perception
                    Sea Gypsies
            Evolution of Societies
                Urban Evolution
        Cultural Dimensions
            Social Stratification
                Stratification Systems
                        Indian Caste System
                        The Sinking of the Titanic
                        The United States
                Power Distance
                Stratification Effects
                    Herding Honor
            Group Afffinity
            Cultural Gender Orientation
            Uncertainty Tolerance
            Time Horizon
            Indulgence Inclination
        Social Stability
                    India & Pakistan
            Social Adhesion
                    The Amish
                In Money We Trust
                    The US Invasion of Afghanistan
        The Evolution of Human Morality
        Moral Reasoning
        Cultural Morality
            Political Morality
    The Collective
        Social Media
                    American Terror
        Humankind in Decline
            The Irony of Abstraction
            Public Knowledge