Spokes 6: Table of Contents

Spokes 6: The Fruits of Civilization Table of Contents790 pages   {Notes}

The Fruits of Civilization (title page)
    Fire Pistons
  Heat Engines
   Steam Engines
   Internal Combustion Engines
  Computer Components
    Digital Equipment Corporation
   Personal Computers
    Xerox PARC
    Apple Computer
    IBM PC
    Unix & C
    Object Orientation
   Software continued
     Software Swell
   The Internet
    World Wide Web
     Adobe Flash
     World Wide Web continued
   Technical Support
   Faith in Technology

   The Dismal Science
   Economic Systems
   Scales of Economics
  The Founding of Economics
  Ethical Qualms
   Ethical Qualms continued
  Money continued
  The Roman Empire
    Feudalism continued
  Medieval Europe
   Urban Revival
   Medieval Europe continued 1
    Champagne Fairs
   Medieval Europe continued 2
   By Land & Sea
   Trading Companies
    Waterwheels & Windmills
   Time Is Money
   Medieval Europe continued 3
   The Black Death
  The Early Modern Period
   Age of Discovery
     Christopher Columbus
     Portugal continued
    Spanish Conquistadors
   The Early Modern Period continued
   30 Years’ War
   The Dutch Golden Age
     Tulip Mania
    The Dutch Golden Age continued
   Industrial Technology
     Knitting Trouble
   Energy Production
    The Slave Trade
     The South Sea Bubble
     The Mississippi Bubble
    France in the Early Modern Period
    Merchant Navies
    Russia in the Early Modern Period
    The American Revolution
   Child Labor
   Industrialization continued
   Industrial Evolution
    England Industrialization
    Industrial Innovation
     Industrial Chemistry
    France Industrialization
    Germany Industrialization
   Modern Energy
    Fossil Fuels
      Clean Coal
     Generation & Distribution
     Nuclear Power
      Nuclear Power in Japan
    Power continued
    Renewable Energy
     Wind Power
     Solar Power
      Solar Concentrators
    The Working Class
     Labor Unions
     The Prophecy of Marx
      Labor Unions continued
    The 1997 East Asian Crisis
  The Modern World Economy
   War & Economic Disintegration
   The Gold Standard
   Economic Cycles
   Network Effects
     Wenzhou, China
    Financial Crises
     The Panic of 1873
   Early 20th Century
     War & Business
   The Great Depression
     The Florida Bubble
   The Post-War World
    Oil Shocks
     Oil Shocks
     1973 Oil Shock
     1973-1975 Recession
     1979 Oil Shock
    The Post-War World continued
    Black Monday (19 October 1987)
    The Dot-Com Bubble
     America Online
     Tweaking Financial Vitality
    Finance continued
   American Property Bubbles
   The 2008 Recession
     Wells Fargo
     Credit Card Companies
     Banking continued
  Thomas More
  Adam Smith
  Justus Möser
  Thomas Malthus
  Georg Hegel
  David Ricardo
  Jean Sismondi
  Henri de Saint-Simon
  John Stuart Mill
  Louis Blanc
  Karl Marx
  Neoclassical Economics
  Thorstein Veblen
  Joseph Schumpeter
  John Maynard Keynes
  Irving Fischer
  Friedrich Hayek
  Ronald Coase
   The Nature of the Firm
  Milton Friedman
  John Kenneth Galbraith
  Paul Samuelson
  E.F. Schumacher
  Alfred E. Kahn
   Natural Monopolies
Economics in Context
  Economics & Psychology
   Interest Rates
   Stock Markets
    Limited Liability
    Computerized Stock Trading
     1962 Flash Crash
    Nocturnal Profits
    Stock Markets continued
   Dynamic Pricing
  Market Clearing
  Alternative Pricing
  Gyres of Waste
  Price & Externalities
The Rational Animal
  Unrealistic Assumptions
     Herbal Supplements
   Communication Dysfunction
   Shareholder Interest
   Agency Cost
   Corporate Management Quality
  Mergers & Acquisitions
   Merger Waves
Market Power
     The Transportation Logistics Indusry
     Kuznets Curves
    Regional Discrepancies
  Labor/Capital Rewards
     American Farm Workers
   Corporate Inequity
    CEO Pay
    Company Size Wage Discrepancy
     Hedge Funds
   Inequality continued
  Societal Impact
   The Upper Middle Class
   The Middle Class
   Political Implications
  The Economic Value of Skill
   Employment continued 1
  Employment Figures
  Precarious Employment
  Labor Market Fluidity
  Employment & Inflation
  Shipping Jobs Overseas
     Apple Computer
   Employment continued 2
      Rena Plaza Collapse
The Value of Economics

The Fruits of Civilization
Ecological Impact
     Easter Island
    The Chemistry of China
    Water Quality in China
     Pigs Afloat
     Algae Blooms
    Soil Quality in China
    Air Pollution in China
   United States
   The Anthropocene
  Capitalist Incentive
     General Electric
  Climate Change
   Climate Change continued
     The Meking River Delta
   Global Warming continued
    Carbon Dioxide
     Plants to the Rescue
    Nitrous Oxide
    The Ozonosphere
     Thomas Midgley Jr.
    Global Dimming
   Ocean Warming
    Oceanic Anoxia
   Deglaciation & Rising Sea Level
     American Toxic Sites
   At the Poles
   The World in Motion
    Dusted Oceans
     The Dust Bowl
     Arial Sea
     Owens Lake
   Buildings & Birds
   Undersea Noise
     Navy Sonar
     Henderson Island
   Coral Reefs
     The Chinese in the South China Sea
     The Americans in South Florida
   Water continued
   The Deep Ocean
     The Great Lakes
    Mine Tailings Storage
    Freshwater continued
    Tap Water in America
     Bottled Water
     Last Stop
     California’s Central Valley
     California Going Dry
     Space Junk
    Amazon Rainforest
    Forests continued
     African Baobab
    Trees Downed by Trade
      Blood Ivory
     Prairie Dogs
     King Penguins
   Extinction continued
Proposed Solutions
Food Production
     The Passenger Pigeon
   Food Production continued
   Food Waste
    Fish Discards
     Farmed Fish
   Junk Food
  US Agriculture
  The Green Revolution
  The World Trade Organization
   Land Inequity & Food Production
  Pesticides continued
   Deadly Adjuvants
   Soil continued
  Agriculture (continued)
  Nutritional Quality
  Genetically Modified Organisms
   Biochemical Companies
   Non-GMO GMO
     Tapioca Debacle
   GMO continued
  Food Irradiation
  Organic Farming
     New Zealand Cow Seep
   Food Prices
  The Future of Food
   Carrying Capacity
  The Future