Reviews of The Story of Humanity

Reviews of The Story of Humanity: Ecology & Consequence

From Jessica Tofino, Educator and Writer:
Ishi Nobu is a brilliant independent scholar, with the rare ability to draw insights from multiple disciplines and weave them into a full and revealing picture of things as they were, are, and inevitably will be. The Story of Humanity: Ecology & Consequence is not just a prophetic view of a future post-mortem that could be conducted on humanity, but instead is a rich tapestry of history, philosophy, and psychology that gives insight into our current predicament. From the viewpoint of the present, it brings clarity to our current situation; from the past, the vector and direction of human development; and from the future, prophecy of our impending self-extinction. Revealing and enlightening. Highly recommended.

From Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer:
Ishi Nobu is making a significant impact on our mentation. He has inspired our thinking with explorative books, a blog and a podcast, and now he proffers The Story of Humanity: Ecology & Consequence, a book that deserves wide attention and accolades. In this extraordinarily fine book the author presents the history of humanity from the vantage of ‘The Scribes of Sculptor’ – authors writing long after ‘Earthers’ have disappeared. Scattered throughout are memorable lines. Every page has mesmerizing ideas worthy of remembering. Adding to the pleasure of reading are examples of the author’s art and other images that magnify the content. The Glossary alone is a treasure of information! Clearly this is a book to digest and to react – hopefully in a more enlightened manner that we are currently thinking! Very highly recommended.

From Chris Cordani, Book Spectrum:
Many of us have wondered what an alien civilization might discover about us long after the extinction of humanity as well as what might lead to society’s demise. Ishi Nobu explores this from foreign planet scholars’ point of view in his new book, The Story of Humanity: Ecology & Consequence. Nobu interestingly compares men and women of today to those of primitive bipedal tribes through similarities in personality, attitudes, societal structure and innovativeness while conveying each of their contributions to the end of humanity. The author also allows readers to look at our species’ weaknesses today: materialism, collective gullibility, eagerness to go to war, use (or misuse) of technology and propensity toward self-destruction as many often claim will cause the deterioration of the nations of the world. Perhaps this was a hypothetical warning or a prophetic look at the inevitable. The author leaves such interpretations open to the reader. Either way, The Story of Humanity: Ecology & Consequence is a riveting and insightful experience.

From John J. Kelly, Detroit Free Press:
Nobu is a brilliant scholar and author of 11 other books, including the 8-part Spokes of the Wheel series. In The Story of Humanity, Nobu acts as a guide and takes us from the beginning of civilization to the extinction of the human species. At times terrifying and always scientific and factual, this survey of human folly is at once the story of man’s inability to work together with nature, instead embracing comfort and immediate gratification. The Story may be viewed a last-gasp effort to enlighten and warn of our impending doom. Sprinkled throughout the book are prescient and incisive thoughts and words from philosophers, spiritual leaders and other keen observers through the ages. The Story of Humanity informs the reader of not only what happened but why. Nobu paints a picture that includes the exploitation of other human beings, the ignorance of science, and the ultimate end of humanity. This is a disturbing but necessary examination of both where we are as a species and how we are inevitably bound to self-destruct. Highly recommended.