Unraveling Reality {16} Earth


Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the Earth are never alone or weary of life. ~ American marine biologist Rachel Carson

Earth took shape 4.55 billion years ago (bya); one of 4 such rocky planets in the solar system. These hungry orbs scavenged the meager leftovers that the 4 gas giants had not gobbled up.

In gaining its massive girth at birth, the behemoth planet Jupiter consumed 2/3rds of the leavings after the fireball Sun had gobbled 99.8% of the matter in the system.

In the eon of planetary formation, Jupiter was perhaps kind to Earth: protecting the nascent watery planet from a worse bombardment than it otherwise would have got. This fortuitous circumstance helped Earth become a habitable world.

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The intimate relationship between the vital phenomena with chemistry and its laws makes the idea of spontaneous generation conceivable. ~ English naturalist Charles Darwin

Life burst into being on Earth as soon as it could, some 4.1 bya. Organisms proliferated into every possible niche where metabolic energy could be got, whether by molecular manipulation or by radiation intake.

We do not know where life originated on Earth, nor how. But it happened so quickly and fecundly that it could not possibly have been a random occurrence.