Unraveling Reality – Conclusion {19}


“Science is wonderful at destroying metaphysical answers, but incapable of providing substitute ones. Science takes away foundations without providing a replacement.” ~ American philosopher Hilary Putnam

The value of science to understanding the world cannot be overstated. Its skepticism and method have proven invaluable tools to winnow religious nonsense from theories based upon fact.

But empirical science only goes so far. To mistake tangible actuality for the finality of reality is to fall into the arms of fantasies no different than the religious tenets which science has exposed as bogus.

All that science has revealed shows that matter is not the foundation of reality. Quanta being coherent energy fields indelibly indicate that the seeming solidity of existence is ultimately illusory. The nature of the atom corroborates this, and the power of the mind-over-matter confirms it. Moreover, matter and energy alone cannot explain the order that pervades phenomena.

“Some secrets of Nature are hidden, although they are really close to us.” ~ German taxonomist Peter Jäger

We naturally construe our lives to be “real.” But what happens during a dream seems as real as events when awake. Both are equally engaging. The only difference is a sustained sense of stability, which is deceptive. The one constant of life is change. Continuity is a mirage of memory.

“The architecture of the universe is consistent with the hypothesis that mind plays an essential role in its functioning.” ~ Freeman Dyson

The authenticity of an ultimately immaterial unicity seems mystical; but if duality and materiality are chimerical, reasoning yanks us to the only irrefutable conclusion, however fanciful it appears.

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. ~ Arthur Conan Doyle

Nature sports an unfathomable diversity; yet it all seems to have started with a singularity of energy. Matterism cannot account for the transformation.

Matter is a transmutation of energy. Energy is nothing but a constructive abstraction. Therefore, reality must ultimately be immaterial.

“Consciousness is a fundamental property.” ~ American neurobiologist Christof Koch

The duality of existence – individual organisms within Nature – is a physical platform brought forth by Ĉonsciousness. An eternal, immaterial reality sustains a material existence. Via a primordial desire for entertainment, noumenon begets phenomena.

“It is not that the world does not exist. Exist it does, but merely as an appearance in Ĉonsciousness – the totality of the known manifested, in the infinity of the unknown, unmanifested.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Through the natural force of coherence, Ĉonsciousness animates life in quantum form: seemingly individual, but always entangled within the universal field

“The life force and the consciousness are not really two; as a concept they are treated as such, but they are really one. As soon as a form is created, the life force is infused in that form and sentience is automatically present.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Matter animated by a soul is a life form. Matter not animated by a soul is a dead form. But really (as opposed to actually), nothing lives and nothing dies. If materiality is an illusion, so too is life and death.

“The theory that can absorb the greatest number of facts is the one that must rule all observation.” ~ English philosopher Adam Smith