Unraveling Reality {33-7} Brain Wave, Heartbeat Synchrony

Brain Wave Harmony

Brain waves harmonize when attention is focused. When 2 people look at each other, their brain waves synchronize. This happens even if one of the gazers is a baby.

“Both adult and infant brains respond to a gaze signal by becoming more in sync.” ~ Singaporean psychologist Victoria Leong

Brain wave synchrony appears to be a common phenomenon. Bat brain activity harmonizes when they socialize.

“We don’t know what causes synchronous brain activity.” ~ English psychologist Sam Wass

There is no purely physiological explanation for such synchronization. Fundamentally, brain waves are energetic.


 Heartbeat Synchrony

Brain waves are not the only facet of physiology which can harmonize. A mother sharing a smile with her 3-month-old infant results in their heartbeats synchronizing within mere milliseconds of each other. This only occurs when the positive emotion is shared between a mother and her own infant. As with brain waves, heartbeat synchrony is a mystery if just considering tissue as being all there is to being alive.

“Mother and infant coordinate heart rhythms during episodes of affect and vocal synchrony. Like other mammals, humans can impact the physiological processes of an attachment partner through the coordination of visuo-affective social signals.” ~ Israeli psychologist Ruth Feldman et al

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“Physiological synchrony has been found in a variety of relationships and environments.” ~ American health physiologist Chad Danyluck