Unraveling Reality {34} A Mental World

A Mental World

“We live in exactly one world. How does a mental reality fit into a world consisting entirely of physical particles in fields of force?” ~ American philosopher John Searle

The world you experience is entirely within your mind. Your senses are simply a delivery system. You believe what they deliver because the inputs – from sight, sound, and touch – all coincide. That, and others agree with you.


“Logic is invincible because in order to combat logic it is necessary to use logic.” ~ French mathematician Pierre Boutroux

People like to think of themselves as rational. And they often are. But rationality is not the cold calculator of logic that most people think. Rationality is, instead, reasoning that pleases.

The dictionary definition of rational commonly throws in sound judgment as a criterion. Determining sound judgment is an exercise in hindsight; more a metric of success, in which coincidence may play a decisive hand, than of probability, which is nothing but a woolly abstraction when it comes to real life.

Beforehand, any risky decision may be considered unsound; and then, in taking a risk, one reaches back to probability again. Those in business and technology regularly rely upon risky decisions to propel themselves forward.

All told, beyond wiles to satisfy desire, rational is a vacuous term.