Unraveling Reality {50} Existence


The phenomenal world is ever emergent: continuously created. The only moment that manifests is the ever-present now. The future is a projection, and the past a memento of memory. Both are products of the mind.

But so too is the present. Our experience of each instant is a fabrication gleaned from disparate inputs: many millions of photons processed into a pastiche seen as vision; rumbling in an aural range of frequencies sounded out as hearing; chemical vibrations that come off as smell and taste; and the sensate sense of proximity termed touch, forged from harmonic interactions at cell membranes.

How do you know when you touch something wet? There are no skin receptors for sensing moisture. Wetness is a perceptual illusion: a mental construction through intricate multisensory integration. We learn to perceive moisture through repeated encounters, soaked in the effects.