Unraveling Reality {9-3} Virtual Particles

Virtual Particles

Our 4-dimensional (4D) existence emerges from a holistic dimensionality (HD) which includes extra dimensions (ed). Only a tiny fraction of the mass found in atomic nuclei comes from the quarks within. Over 99% comes from being bound into a hadron.

The glue that holds hadrons together is a swarming stew of virtual particles: subatomic mystery matter that is ed, with only transient 4d appearance. Their energetic interactions multiply the mass that makes up everyday matter.

In adding mass and other attributes to virtually all quantum bits, virtual particles from vacuum are a paradox which physicists cannot explain. The conventional comprehension is that these fleeting waveforms pop in and out of “existence” from the ground state; a rather ridiculous notion. Instead, the virtuosity of virtuality is a demonstration of dimensional phase-shifting.

The ground state is simply the limit boundary to perceptible existence (4D). Its incredible energy, and the virtual horde which incessantly emerges to add heft and vitality to phenomena, is further proof that existence is a chimera.